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Moissanite vs Diamond vs CZ

Both natural diamonds and Lab Grown diamonds are real diamonds. The difference being, lab grown are grown in a lab while natural diamonds are formed in the earth. They are chemically and optically identical to each other.

Lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment. This environment reproduces the earth’s conditions when growing a natural diamond. This results in the chemical and physical properties being identical to the ones grown naturally. Unless a lab grown diamond has an engraving on it stating that it is lab grown, even a trained eye will be unable to tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond.

Lab grown diamonds are however very different in price. They are usually about 30% less than a natural diamond of the same size and quality.

There is a big difference between diamonds (both natural and lab grown) and a CZ (cubic zirconia) or a Moissanite.

A CZ does not have the same chemical makeup as a diamond or as a moissanite. Under a trained eye the difference is obvious. This is a man-made, very inexpensive alternative to a diamond and is meant to mimic a diamonds look and feel as closely as possible. A CZ will not wear as well as a diamond or a moissanite.

A Moissanite is a stone of its own. The chemical makeup is not the same as a diamond or a CZ. Moissanite has its own chemical makeup and was first discovered in a crater in Arizona in 1893, since then they have been lab grown. A Moissanite has a different "sparkle" than diamonds do. Some say it sparkles better, however that is just an opinion, to us it just sparkles different. 

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