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Other Services


We have rings available to wear at no cost while your wedding ring is being worked on. They are available in white or yellow gold, stocked in half and full sizes and feature a cubic zirconia on top.
Just ask when you come in!

Custom Design

Bring in your photo(s) or ideas and tell us what you like about them and what you don’t and we will work with you to bring your dream piece to life.


Flat, domed, metal, glass, inside or outside of rings. Our engraving machine has a variety of options available.

Ring Removal


Rhodium plating is often used on top of white gold pieces. Rhodium helps protect the item and adds a glossy look

Rhodium is also what make your white gold piece look the very white color that it does.


Rhodium plating will eventually wear off. Your lifestyle will make a large difference in how quickly your item will need to be re-coated.

Rhodium plating is sometimes referred to as dipping.

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