Ear Piercing

We use sealed and sterile earrings that are white or yellow gold to reduce allergic reactions or extra sensitivity.

We recommend waiting until the child is at least 6 months old, but we have done individuals from a few weeks old up to 99 years old and every where in between.  However If under 12 months old you may need to sign a separate release form saying you understand the ears are still growing and while rare there are times the earring (one or both) location ends up being in a less than ideal place.


Anyone under 18 is required to have their legal guardian present (a sister or grandparent is not allowed unless they are their legal guardian)

We Pierce ear lobes only. Seconds, thirds, or fourths are ok so long as it does not hit cartilage, everyone will be different. (Cartilage requires a piece be taken out with a small needle and should be done at a tattoo/piecing parlor.) 

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