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Store Policies

Ear Piercing

Anyone under 18 is required to have their legal guardian present (a sister or grandparent is not allowed unless they are their legal guardian)

We Pierce ear lobes only (seconds or thirds are ok so long as it does not hit cartilage. Cartilage requires a piece be taken out with a small needle and should be done at a tattoo/piecing parlor) 

Third Party Selling

We do not allow third party selling, exchanges or meet ups in our store. You can do this at the North Salt Lake Police Department at a designated Safe Exchange Zone in the west parking lot of City Hall, 10 E. Center.

If you need an item verified as real (gold, diamond) There is a fee for this service. To test and examine any diamonds it is $25. To test the gold it is also $25. If you want both tested on the same piece the fee is $45.

We'll Buy Your Old Jewelry

*While the weight of the piece is a factor, we do not base our offer solely on weight.

*Offers can change day to day as the price of gold fluctuates.

*You must have enough items to equal $50 in scrap value before we will purchase it.

*We reserve the right to refuse to make an offer on any piece for any reason.

*You must have a valid, unexpired ID (Such as a State Issued Driver License, US Passport, or State Issued ID Card) 

*We will not and cannot purchase property from anyone under the age of 18, who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substance or is suspected as being stolen based on your actions or information received from the state database.

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