Repair Services


Whether your ring needs to be sized up or down, we can get it there 99% of the time. The exceptions being:
Tungsten, cobalt and other non-resizable metals.
Invisible sets which are not guaranteed, we recommend sending these to someone who specializes in invisible sets, these can be pricey to size and repair.


Bring your items in anytime for a free ultrasonic cleaning, it only takes a few minutes and while it's here we can also check the piece for any problems to be sure they are caught before it gets worse. Deeper cleaning, polishing etc. are priced based on each item.


We do 99% of our repairs on site. From costume jewelry to platinum or gold with stones or diamonds, if it is important to you we will do our best to fix it or find someone who can. Even though we do most of our own repairs, we do reserve the right to send items out unless specified in writing.

Eyeglass Repair

Done on site. Available in three different pricing options / time frames:
*While you wait
*3 hours
*24 hours

If the frames are metal we can solder it.


We do stringing on nylon, silk, or metal. Pricing depends on length and whether or not it is a knotted item.