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Lab & Natural Gem Stones

Lab Grown stones are not fake. They have the same physical, chemical, and optical makeup as the natural stone of the same kind.

Lab Grown stones can actually look “better” than that of their naturally found counterparts. This is because under the controlled conditions there is a significantly less chance of foreign items making their way into the stone while being formed.


Chatham is the lead supplier of Lab Grown stones. They explain Lab Grown as followed;

“The process of growing gem crystals in a laboratory rather than mining them is a bit like making ice in your freezer instead of finding it in a lake. You place the starter material, water, in a container, and put the container into a controlled environment: your freezer. Create the right conditions of temperature and time and ice crystals will form. The freezer ice will usually be cleaner and more perfect than lake ice because you can carefully control the environment. But it’s still ice, just like the ice that forms in nature. In a way, what we do is a sophisticated high-tech version of freezing water to form ice.”

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